Jazz is an art form that can give us a way of understanding ourselves. The real power of jazz and the innovation of jazz is that a group of people can come together and create art, improvised art, and can negotiate their agendas with each other. And that negotiation is the art. We can have a dialogue. We can have a conversation. We can speak to each other in the language of music.

Wynton Marsalis
from Ken Burns, History of jazz

How do we imagine the future for jazz in Vancouver? How could we imagine the future for jazz? What could we do to increase our appreciation for the contribution of live jazz to our community, to our creative expression, and to our creative evolution? What could we do to excite interest in exploring live jazz in Vancouver?

How does jazz contribute and how has jazz contributed to our creative evolution? What could we learn about creative expression, creative contribution, and creative enterprise from the art of jazz? What could we imagine jazz could contribute to creating our future in Vancouver?

Where have we come from? Where are we going? Where could we go?

“Music, for me, has always been a place where anything is possible, – a refuge, a magical world where anyone can go, where all kinds of people can come together, and anything can happen. We are limited only by our imaginations”
Bill Frisell

What we could do

The heritage of jazz – exploring the experience of jazz in Vancouver

A creative community enterprise exploring the roots of jazz in the Americas and the contribution of jazz to our creative and cultural evolution and to the history and evolution of our city and our Vancouver jazz community


Coastal Jazz and Blues Society

Since it was created in 1986, the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society has worked to establish Vancouver as a centre for the creation and exchange of sounds and ideas between the local, national and international music community. Our mission is to not only increase the appreciation of the music, but to strengthen the arts community by developing special projects, artistic exchanges, partnerships, educational initiatives, community programs, and collaborations that further the art form. Our vision encompasses a wide spectrum of jazz, blues, world, creative, and improvised music, including evolving forms of jazz and the technologies and media that influence jazz as an art form.

Today, the Society ranks as British Columbia’s largest music presenter producing the annual TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, the Music Series at the Winterruption Festival on Granville Island, the Time Flies Improvised Music Festival and several year-round concerts. Along with music presentation, the Society also has a long standing commitment to music education, presenting the TD High School Jazz Intensive Program exclusively for high school students, the Creative Music Think Tank Symposium exploring the nexus of innovation and social practice, regular workshops by local visiting international artists, children’s music programs, and more.

Coastal Jazz and Blues is a significant part of Vancouver and British Columbia’s economic engine and tourism industry, attracting over half a million people to the annual jazz festival and generating over $35 million in economic activity.

Coastal Jazz and Blues Society
Coastal Jazz and Blues Society Interests

Vancouver jazz communities

Vancouver Jazz Guide
Vancouver Jazz Musicians

Heritage Vancouver

Vancouver heritage communities

Vancouver business communities

Local Business Community

Vancouver community contributors

Vancouver Women’s University Club


Vancouver heritage places
Vancouver creative places

Imperial Theatre


Vancouver Jazz Community
Vancouver Heritage Community



At midnight on Saturday, June 2, 2012, O’Doul’s Restaurant & Bar will officially close for the last time after 40 amazing years of service. Join us that evening to say “O’Revoir O’Doul’s” and to celebrate the end of a wonderful era and the beginning of an even better one.


Heritage Fight for Hollywood Theatre
Love the Hollywood Theatre
Manchester Craftsmen Guild
Melkweg Amsterdam Club

Opportunities to explore

Jazz in Canada – The Canadian Encyclopedia of Music
National Jazz Summit
Vancouver Music Centre
Roadhouse Theatres

Opportunities to experience

Heritage experiences
Evolution of jazz experiences

Opportunities to create and contribute

For those who are and would like to contribute to our appreciation and understanding of the value of our heritage and our heritage resources and to our appreciation and understanding of the contribution of jazz to our creative and cultural evolution.

Create a role and a part for yourself to contribute to creating experiences with jazz

Opportunities to explore

Push the Push Festival with the push of creative improvisation and innovation, and creative experiences, and creative contributions of jazz as one of the performing arts.
Push – Vancouver’s International Performing Arts Festival


BC Creative Hub
Canadian Music Centre

Creative Vancouver – exciting creative community enterprise

We want to focus our creative attention, our creative imagination, and our creative ideas on opportunities for creative community enterprise

The Maple Blues Awards

The Maple Blues Awards is Canada’s national blues awards program. Its goal is to promote blues music across Canada, and to recognize outstanding achievement in the field.

The nominees are selected by a distinguished panel of some 50 blues experts which includes radio hosts, journalists, and festival organizers regionally distributed across Canada. Members of the nominating panel are not eligible for any of the awards.

Except for the instrumental categories winners are selected by blues fans across the country. Winners in the guitar, harmonica, piano/keyboards, horn, drum, and bass categories are decided by the nominating panel.

Entertainer Of The Year: The group or artist who showed the most overall success in the previous year. This could include a combination of live performances, touring, airplay, media coverage, and public acceptance.

New Artist Or Group Of The Year: The group or individual, new to the national blues scene, who has made considerable advances artistically and/or commercially during the eligibility period. The nominee should be performing under their name on a regular basis and must not have been nominated in any Maple Blues Awards category previously. The award recognizes the group or individual.

The winners of the Seventeenth Annual Maple Blues Awards will be announced at the Annual Maple Blues Awards Gala in Toronto, on Monday, January 20, 2014 at Koerner Hall at the Royal Conservatory of Music. This very special evening is Canada’s national annual celebration of homegrown blues talent will be hosted this year by Dawn Tyler Watson & JW Jones. It is also a night of great music by the Maple Blues Band, comprised entirely of Maple Blues Awards winners and nominees.

Voting is open from 12AM Newfoundland Daylight Time November 1st, 2013, through 12AM Pacific Standard Time December 7th, 2013.

The Maple Leaf Blues Awards

Creating experiences with jazz

Creating a future for jazz

Who wants to create a future for jazz? What kind of future would we like to create? What could we do to contribute to creating the future for jazz and for our jazz community in Vancouver? How could we increase appreciation for the experience, the roots, the contributors, and the contribution of jazz in our world?

Coastal Jazz and Blues Society

Canadian jazz-pop singer-songwriter Nikki Yanofsky answers three questions about jazz at the 2013 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival.
Nikki Yanofsky – Vancouver Jazz Festival Interview – Film
Vancouver International Jazz Festival – Coastal Jazz and Blues Society
Redbud Films

The Heritage of Jazz
Exploring the evolution of jazz

A Heritage Vancouver experience

Exploring the roots of jazz in the Americas and the contribution of jazz to our creative and cultural evolution.

Exploring the heritage of jazz in Vancouver and the contribution of jazz to the heritage and evolution of our city and our Vancouver jazz community

Exciting our communities in creative community enterprise exploring ideas and opportunities to create a future for our heritage and create a heritage for our future.

We are creating heritage experiences

Creating heritage experiences with jazz around the live experience of jazz. Introducing people to live jazz experiences by exploring the heritage of jazz.

Increasing our understanding and appreciation and exploring the contribution of our heritage and our experiences, and our creative ideas, and our creative contribution, and our creative evolution

Exploring the experience of jazz and creating experiences with jazz. Creating experience around the heritage of jazz in heritage places in Vancouver to excite interest in exploring the roots of jazz and the contribution of jazz to our creative and cultural evolution and the roots and contribution of our heritage in Vancouver in our evolution as a community.

Creating connections between the Vancouver Heritage Community and the Vancouver Jazz Community and the Jazz Community Network and the Heritage Community Network around exploring the History of Jazz in Vancouver, – an opportunity for creative community enterprise for Creative Vancouver.

The History of Jazz from the Vancouver Community Media Centre, created by Vancouver musicians, Vancouver film-makers, Vancouver music producers, Vancouver story-tellers, and the Vancouver Jazz Community brought to you from Vancouver heritage places.

Brought to you by business and community enterprises who contribute to and benefit from increasing our understanding and appreciation of the contribution of our heritage and our heritage resources, our understanding and appreciation of the contribution of jazz and blues to our creative and cultural evolution,  and from creating connections and communities without borders contributing to creating possibilities for the future of our creative and community resources. Profits invested in Heritage Vancouver and our contributors to our heritage community and our common enterprise.

Heritage Vancouver
Creating a future for our heritage

Exploring the history of jazz

The History of Jazz in Old Vancouver
Opening January 26, 2013
A Heritage Vancouver Event

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Patricia Hotel and the contribution of jazz to the evolution of the City of Vancouver and celebrating and exploring the history of Old Vancouver, Vancouver’s heritage
Opening celebration at Pat’s Pub, Saturday January 26, 2014

Opportunities for the Vancouver Jazz community to explore the history and heritage of jazz, explore possibilities for the future of jazz in Vancouver, and create connections for our community and with our community.
Opportunities for hot spots in Old Vancouver to become part of the exploration of Vancouver’s Heritage Now
Opportunities for storytellers and broadcasters and filmmakers to create Vancouver’s Heritage Now

Although currently known as Pat’s Pub, the pub was originally known as The Patricia Café. Established in 1914 The Patricia Café was run by Will Bowman and was one of Vancouver’s jazz hotspots at the time. Pat’s Pub is thick with jazz history; some of the musicians who played at the Patricia Café at the time were influential in the transition between ragtime and jazz piano styles. Most notably is Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton who at the age of 28 made Vancouver his home during August 1919 thru to January 1921. During his time in Vancouver “Jelly Roll” Morton performed in the Patricia Café as well as roomed in the Patricia Hotel. To this day the Pub’s original wood floor exists as a reminder of its history.

Pat’s Pub –

The History of Hastings Mill & Brewhouse

A Walk back in time in Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood –

Presenting partners

Jazz Hotspots then and now in Old Vancouver
Jazz Musicians then and now to celebrate

The wisdom of jazz elders

Miles Davis once said that, “Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.”

Jazz itself has now been around for a long time, a century or more. It’s an art form that values tradition, and honours those who have built on its rich heritage through the years.

Though many jazz artists from the early days succumbed to the historic occupational hazards of late nights, incessant travel and substance abuse, there are also many jazz elders who continue to make music with loads of style and gusto. These artists are inspiring audiences everywhere with their music, and sometimes with their words as well.
The wisdom of jazz elders

Exploring the experience of jazz

Arts Hour – Exploring the creative experience

Connections – exciting creative community enterprise – creating a future for our heritage – exploring the creative experience – creating connections with our heritage – creating jazz in Old Vancouver – creating connections with jazz – exploring jazz in Canada – exploring the contribution of jazz to Canadian culture – creating a future for jazz


Muscle Shoals
Proceeds to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Foundation


What is jazz

It is America’s music, – born out of a million American negotiations: between having and not having; between happy and sad, country and city; between black and white and men and women; between the Old Africa and the Old Europe, which could only have happened in an entirely New World

It is an improvisational art, making itself up as it goes along, – just like the country that gave it birth. It rewards individual expression but demands selfless collaboration. It is forever changing but nearly always rooted in the blues. It has a rich tradition and its own rules, but it is brand new every night. It is about just making a living and taking terrible risks, losing everything and finding love, making things simple and dressing to the nines. It has enjoyed huge popularity and survived hard times, but it has always reflected Americans, – all Americans, – at their best.

“Jazz” the drummer Art Blakey liked to say, “washes away the duat of everyday life.” Above all, it swings.

Ken Burns
From the preface to Jazz , A History of America’s Music

Hot Air – exploring the experience of jazz
Hot Air, broadcast from Vancouver on CBC Radio since 1947, explores jazz from all eras with a particular interest in B.C. artists.
Host – Margaret Gallagher

Harlem Nocturne – Burlesque Classic
Blue Morris
Guitar player, teacher, bandleader of Pink Flamingo Burlesque

Pink Flamingo Burlesque

Jim Byrnes
I am so grateful to be alive, to be able to share my love of music and hope that it helps people along the way, the way it has helped me through the hardest times and the way it has helped me celebrate the best of times. One of the great things about the work I do is its diversity, the vastly different situations you find yourself in, the variety of people you work with and deal with on so many levels, and the opportunities to travel to so many places.

It’s sometimes difficult to find that healthy work-life balance, as there is little consistency in the day-to-day life of an actor or musician. It seems that we are either swamped with projects, places to be and people to see or we are waiting for the phone to ring and hoping that is not the wolf at the door. As time goes by you learn to deal with the ups and downs and you realize you will be disappointed, but you mustn’t get discouraged.

I suppose every positive thing that I have achieved is a reflection of my mother and dad. They were always there for me and stood by me through thick and thin. No matter how badly I screwed up, after the reprimand there was always a pat on the back and the admonition to ‘keep your chin up, buddy’.
Source: Internet Movie Database

Jim Byrnes – Juno Award winning recordings

Jayleen Stonehouse

Jame Danderfer’s Great Gatsby Night
This week on Hot Air at 5.00 pm…an escape into the world of The Great Gatsby. James Danderfer plans on turning a Vancouver nightclub into a 1930’s speakeasy complete with prohibition era food and of course, hot jazz. He’ll join us to share some of his favourite swing tunes and tell us if it’s really a clarinet in that case he’s always packing.
James Danderfer

The Dinah Washington Story – Vancouver Fan Club
Celebrate the career of the Blues Queen on the 50th anniversary of her passing

New Orleans and All That Jazz
Join us on Saturday, January 25, 2014 for our 5th annual gala fundraiser for The Cultch inspired by the exotic, mystical, and steamy romance of New Orleans. History beckons as we embrace the passion of music, food, and revelry in the style made so famous by those who know and love New Orleans.
Hosted by CBC’s Margaret Gallagher and Fred Lee
Featuring David C. Jones as auctioneer

Tickets: $200 inclusive of all food, drink, and taxes(receive a $150.00 tax receipt) and can be purchased online or by phone through The Cultch Box Office at 604 -251-1363.
Our fabulous evening includes:
* Welcome reception with canapés, raw bar (shrimp & oysters) and music
* Plated dinner service on the stage of our Historic Theatre
* Extraordinary entertainment including The James Danderfer Trio, The Whitridge
Brothers, Trio of the Hot Club of Mars, and other unexpected, surprise guests
* Silent and live auction
* Dancing

New Orleans and All That Jazz Gala Fundraiser

W.C.Handy – The Father of the Blues

William Christopher Handy was a blues composer and musician who was among the most influential of American songwriters. Known widely as the “Father of the Blues”, he was one of many musicians who played the distinctively American form of music known as the blues and he is credited with giving it its contemporary form. While Handy was not the first to publish music in the blues form, he took the blues from a regional music style with a limited audience to one of the dominant national forces in American music.

W.C. Handy was an educated musician who used folk material in his compositions. He was scrupulous in documenting the sources of his works, which frequently combined stylistic influences from several performers.

He was a deeply religious man, whose influences in his musical style were found in the church music he sang and played as a youth, and in the natural world. He cited the sounds of nature, such as “whippoorwills, bats, and hoot owls and their outlandish noises”, the sounds of Cypress Creek washing on the fringes of the woodland, and “the music of every songbird and all the symphonies of their unpremeditated art” as inspiration.
Source: Wikipedia

St. Louis Blues – The Story of W.C.Handy – 1958 Film


featuring LOUIS HAYES drums, VINCENT HERRING alto sax, JEREMY PELT trumpet, RICK GERMANSON piano and DEZRON DOUGLAS bass

For more than forty years, drummer Louis Hayes has been a catalyst for energetic, unrelenting swing in his self led bands, as well as in those whose respective leaders reads like an encyclopedia of straight ahead post-bop modern jazz. Hayes himself an authentic architect of post-bop swing, began his professional activities at the tender age of 18. He started with tenor saxophonist, flautist and oboist Yusef Lateef who like Hayes is a Detroit native (other jazz luminaries hailing from the “motor city” include the Jones brothers, Elvin, Hank and Thad, guitarist Kenny Burrell, pianist Tommy Flanagan and many others). After the stint with Lateef, Hayes went on to rhythmically propel groups led by pianist Horace Silver, legendary saxophonist Cannonball Adderley and pianist Oscar Peterson. These positions were augmented by countless recordings on the Blue Note, Prestige, Riverside and other labels with the likes of John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, J.J. Johnson, Jackie McLean, Wes Montgomery, Cedar Walton, Dexter Gordon, Woody Shaw, George Benson, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson, McCoy Tyner and the list goes on. For the past 20-plus years, Louis has led or co-led some of the most uncompromisingly swinging groups in all of jazz. Each unit has displayed tight-knit harmonic cohesion and hard-driving consistency as part of its signature. With so much activity in his past, Louis could easily rest comfortably on his laurels. But, being a forward-thinker and doer, Hayes operates “in the present!” His story, still being told, contains a glorious past, a vibrant present and an ever-promising future. With so much activity in his past, Louis could easily rest comfortably on his laurels. But being a forward thinker and doer, Hayes operates “in the present!” His recent groups boasts some of the cream of jazz’ recent crop. Saxophonist Louis Hayes poses an embarrassment of riches. His story, still being told, contains a glorious past, a vibrant present and an ever promising future.

Brought to you in part by the Hard Rubber New Music Society and the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society

Led by conductor/trumpeter John Korsrud and featuring a Who’s-Who of leading Canadian jazz and New Music players, the legendary Hard Rubber Orchestra has been at the forefront of cutting-edge composition for 20 years.

Source: Coastal Jazz and Blues Society
Hard Rubber New Music Society
Hard Rubber Orchestra


featuring JAMES DANDERFER clarinet, MILES BLACK piano, JOE POOLE drums The Swing Era still evokes visions of a golden time of hot jazz in small clubs and Cory Weeds’ Cellar Jazz Club is very pleased to present a special evening of great Swing-era food and jazz on December 13th & 14th. The acclaimed James Danderfer Trio will light up the room with a classic 1930s repertoire inspired by the small combo swing of Benny Goodman and Jelly Roll Morton while Two Chefs and a Table will recreate their Great Gatsby pop-up menu with authentic period dishes that would have appeared on the menus of supper clubs of New York and Chicago. James Danderfer is the perfect choice to play an evening like this, having performed for audiences around the world. He was recently commissioned by CBC Radio to compose a suite of trio music dedicated to Jelly Roll Morton, who actually spent years playing in Vancouver. Just as Danderfer has made his tribute to Early Jazz a key part of his repertoire, the cuisine of the early 20th Century is something of a specialty for Two Chefs & a Table. Over the course of several Prohibition-themed dinners and a month-long Great Gatsby pop-up restaurant, they’ve added a wide range of recreating period dishes like Beef Wellington, Waldorf Salad, Rillettes, and Crab Louis to their repertoire of favourites.
Source – Cellar Jazz Club jazzthink – event design another day King and I educator guide –
jazz cellar –
arrival agency –

Vancouver Musician’s Association –

Gary Barclay –

Ideas and opportunities

In Amsterdam there is a club called the Melkveg, – a meeting/performance venue where Artists of many disciplines would gather. It is in a building that formerly operated as a milk factory and was renovated to function as an artist venue.

The main floor has a club with a stage where musicians would jam. Beside the stage is a 20 minute hourglass that timed the length of each jam…for obvious reasons.

In the back room was a café that served authentic Dutch food. Melkveg’s various rooms often play host to theatrical performances, dance productions, movies, media art installations, and photography exhibits. Many exhibitions are displayed in the Melkveg Café at the back of the venue, while movie screenings take place in the cozy attic housed cinema screen at the top of the building.

In my mind, this model could simply be expanded to a community with venues that create and honor heritage in an ongoing way. Whose to say that this possibility could be created in Old Vancouver as a seed that germinates and is cultivated in other areas of the world?

Old Vancouver is one of the areas where a jazz festival is presented on a yearly basis. How about the notion of this kind of artistic activity on a daily basis, all year round.
The Melkveg
Contributed by Rick Kilburn

Vancouver East Cultural Centre
Mike Allen Quartet With Guest Hugh Fraser

DATE: Thursday, January 23
8:00 PM The Cultch
Victoria at Venables

The Mike Allen Quartet – with guest trombonist Hugh Fraser – is releasing a new album, Panorama, at their concert at the newly revamped Vancouver East Cultural Centre. The band also features Miles Black-piano, Adam Thomas-bass and Julian MacDonough-drums. The concert is a co-presentation of the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society and Legacy Jazz Series.
Source: Centrepulse – Newsletter of Canadian Music Centre British Columbia

Canada Council For The Arts
2014 Annual Public Meeting, Ottawa
Live Stream – Tuesday, January 28, 4:30 PM EST

Join Chair Joseph L. Rotman and Director and CEO Robert Sirman to learn more about our activities and plans for the future. The public is invited to join us in person. The event will also be live-streamed and live-tweeted for a national audience.
Source: Centrepulse – Newsletter of Canadian Music Centre British Columbia

Manchester Craftsman Guild Jazz – Preserving, presenting, and promoting jazz
The Manchester Craftsman Guild Jazz brings in artists like Pat Methaney for a whole week. They bring new works with them and workshop the music. They then present a weekend of concerts that are recorded and released on the organization’s label. MCG has produced four CDs that have won Grammies. The facility is connected to a school and draws on students as a resource, as well as an educational, workshop environment for all involved.
Manchester Craftsmen Guild – Wikipedia
Manchester Craftsmen Guild Youth Arts
Contributed by Rick Kilburn

An Opportunity?

Institutions have been dumping their high tech, high up keep facilities as part of financial down turns. They simply are not able to supply clients or students with a world-class recording studio or a room that is treated in such a way as to actually sound good. Is there a need for a facility that is able to rent out space to schools, record labels and musicians alike?

Sony Japan had a beautiful studio in Tokyo, the most ambitious design of modern times, that did most of the famous recordings out of Japan. They closed because they weren’t able to generate enough money to justify
keeping the doors open.

Sony Music Studios

The grandest and most ambitious ground-up studio complex built anywhere in recent times. Sony’s in-house facility is in for the long haul and combines forward thinking technology with old-fashioned character and values.
Sony Music Studios

Live Core – A solution for the live music community – Read the PDF
Contributed by Daniel Seguin – Composer, musician, band leader

Exploring the evolution of jazz

Rick Kilburn
Jim Byrnes
Murray Porter
Doug LouieAudition
William Taylor
Dalannah Bowen

Travel Guide for Jazz Lovers

The wide-spanning genre of jazz, which is rooted in blues and ragtime, dates back over 100 years. National, regional and local influences throughout the United States and the world have shaped this music genre into various distinctive styles. In addition, the widespread development of jazz music has created plenty of destinations where visitors can listen to and enjoy performances characterized by styles such as the bluesy roots of jazz, swinging bebop, Latin-infused jazz or more modern offerings. Find out more about the world of jazz by browsing 40 of the best jazz-related resources online. Learn about famous musicians, historical facts, U.S. and worldwide destinations and entertaining jazz-filled podcasts.

Travel Guide for Jazz Lovers

About the Toronto Blues Society

Vancouver Women’s University Club presents:
Hycroft Jazz Casual

January 14, 2013
Vocalist June Katz and her trio

In addition to June’s long career in Vancouver as a vocalist, she has been called “resident den mother of the West Coast jazz scene” for her role mentoring and educating a whole generation of jazz musicians at the Alma Street Café in the 1980s and 1990s. Join us for a captivating evening of music and stories about jazz in Vancouver

Upcoming concerts will feature bassist Jodi Proznik on February 7 and clarinettist James Danderfer on March 7

University Women’s Club of Vancouver
A club for interactive women in Vancouver. Women with a view for the future.
Enjoy the company of good friends. Engage with thought leaders. Celebrate the arts.